Water, Health and Minerals

Mineral are indispensable and essential to human life, however the minerals contained in water are very difficult to assimilate by the Human body. Humans and most other mammals are not able to assimilate the inorganic minerals found in our waters, thus becoming dependent on the consumptions of vegetables to fulfill those needed void. We all know that drinking water is a necessity we all have since birth. Each day more and more people become concern not only with their health, but also with their physical appearance and well being. This is the reason we are always searching for the best water for our body. For an adult that weighs around 70kgs, about 50kgs of that weigh is water. Every 6 weeks our body totally renews the water in our organism. It is therefore recommended that we drink about 2 liters of water daily, in order for our body to continually hydrate. Aqua Innovative Systems removes those inorganic minerals, turning your water purer, lighter and with a less acidic taste. This way the water is able to clear your organisms, helping you eliminate toxins and other accumulations that may cause problems to your well being and your health. There is an old adage, which goes like this.
We spend all our health trying to make money Then we spend all our money trying to get our health back
Get control of your health… and you water.